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Program Overview: (Structured for Baseball Only)


Jason Stidham, FSU All-American & 8th round draft pick to the St. Louis Cardinals.

General Manager (GM):

The GM is responsible for all operations pertaining to an individual age group, and will function as the Head Coach of the “tournament team” beginning May 1st. The GM is responsible for organizing and conducting Sunday practices. The GM is also required to attend scrimmages and tournaments to assist with evaluating players and coaches. The GM will take notes during games in order to give constructive feedback to the players, parents, and coaches. This feedback will allow the coaching staff to more effectively determine what each team needs to improve upon and drive success. The GM will also have the ability to make changes to team rosters and line-ups.  All team roster and line-up changes must be approved by Jason Stidham prior to implementation.

Head Coach (HC):

The Head Coach is in independent party (Non-Parent) that will be coaching a team during the Fall and Spring seasons. The HC is required to attend ALL team practices and games. The HC, in coordination to the GM is responsible for scheduling practices, games and tournaments. Additionally, the HC is responsible for writing out the team line-ups before each game. The HC is required to communicate with their respective GM after each tournament to identify successes and opportunities for improvement. This review will allow for the formation of a revised team’s game plan and successful outcomes.

Assistant Coach (AC):

The Assistant Coach is selected by the head coach. The AC may be an independent party or parent. Their responsibility is to assist the head coach, as needed. The AC will attend practices and tournaments. The AC may offer suggestions regarding the team line-up, but may not influence the line-up.