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Upper Deck Travel-Ball Organization

Our Mission:

The ultimate goal of our player development department is to work in harmony in developing championship caliber players on and off the field.

Our Upper Deck baseball and softball player development department will be committed to ensuring that all coaches and staff members teach and enforce the following organizational policies, fundamentals and techniques with continuity from professional staff down throughout our development system.

Our Purpose:

Upper Deck Travel-Ball is a 501(C)3 that consists of youths ranging between the ages of 8-18 years old that have a desire to play baseball and softball at a higher competitive level. The mission of Upper Deck Travel-Ball Corporation is to provide healthy activities to assist in giving youth an alternative to drugs and other negative behaviors that are detrimental. The Upper Deck Travel-Ball Corporation is dedicated to developing highly skilled youth baseball and softball members on and off the field: as well as, educating and modeling our members to being productive in society. Upper Deck Travel-Ball Corporation and Board of Directors pride ourselves on integrity, character, developing and maintaining friendships through teamwork, problem-solving, camaraderie and leadership by stressing and enforcing a zero tolerance for anti-bullying policy organizational wide. Additionally, Upper Deck Travel-Ball Corporation strives to place players into highly competitive tournaments to help implement their skills taught into live play.

Our Values:

To learn positive leadership, responsibility, accountability, time management, physical health, positive self-worth and good sportsmanship.