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1st Annual Upper Deck Organizational Hit-a-Thon!!

The Upper Deck Travel Ball Organization will be holding its 1st Annual Hit-A-Thon fundraiser to help support each team in the organization. This will be an opportunity for players to participate in a fun event while helping their baseball or softball team by signing up family, friends, neighbors and local businesses as sponsors.

Teams will hold a mandatory practice date between March 19th and March 31st to have their teams’ Hit-A-Thon.

Here’s how the Hit-A-Thon works!

Prior to the mandatory practice, players will use the attached form to sign up sponsors who pledge an amount per fair ball hit. During the Hit-A-Thon each player gets 50 swings. The Sponsors also have the option of donating a specified fixed amount which will be collected by the player during his or her first visit.

Our goal is for each player to collect a minimum pledge amount of $50.00. This is an organizational wide fundraiser but goes towards each individual team.

Thank you all for your support with The Upper Deck Travel Ball Family

Download your forms here for the Hit-a-Thon

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